Ontological Incubator

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based on and borrowed from the writings of Karel Capek
Written by Ryan Holsopple and Shannon Sindelar

Karel Capek/Primus: Justin Tolley
Josef Capek: Thom Sibbitt
Olga/Helena: Kelly Tuohy
The Great Caspian as Alquist: Ryan Holsopple
Leni/Robot: Shauna Kelly
Domin: Jonathan Valuckas
with the special guest voice of DJ Mendel 

Directed by Shannon Sindelar
Video Design by Mirit Tal
Scenic Design by Thom Sibbitt
Lighting Design by Jon Luton
Costume Design by TaraFawn Marek
Stove Design by Benjamin Brown
Sound Design and Music by Ryan Holsopple
with additional design by Mike Rodasta and Benjamin Brown
Sound Engineering by Mike Rodasta

This work is set at the beginning and the end of World War II and is an elegy for two brothers, Karel and Josef Capek. 

All visual images in this production are taken from the works of Josef Capek.

Read more about the history surrounding RUR here.

A very special thanks to Hal Eagar, Jan and Dale Sindelar, Susanna Lee Holsopple, Betty Holsopple, Morgan Pecelli, Ian Allen, Brendan Regimbal, Ann-Marie Reilly and the American Folk Art Museum, Kevin Lindamood, William Cusick, Yoav Gal, and Melanie Neergaard. 

All sounds are created originally by Ryan Holsopple and are also assembled from sounds from the Free Sound Project. Licensed under Creative Commons. For the Free Sound attribution list please GO HERE. 

UNIVERSAL ROBOTS was developed with the facilities and support of Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre’s Digital Performance Institute artist residency program

For information about the sounds and their sources please visit our:
Freesound CC attribution list