I Used To Be Curious [loud]

Prelude '07

Event director and life coach Mike Sharpie hasn't voted in 16 years, but now he (and four of his clients) will embark on changing America in 2008. Are Americans really looking forward to changing the world in the next election? Are we using the conveniences of modern technologies to become more aware of world events, or are we using them to escape? 31 Down's I used to be curious [loud] is based on the '60s Swedish film, I am curious [yellow], but, where that film illustrates an interest in changing the world, the former questions a society that is content and numbed by the media. 31 Down uses telephones, old and new, to interact with this examination.

Featuring: Kelly Tuohy and Mike Sharpie

With: Frank Boudreaux, Stephanie Austin Green and Brendan Regimbal

Directed by Shannon Sindelar
Video by Mirit Tal
Sound and phone system by Ryan Holsopple