The Assember Dilator

2009 PS122

Available for touring
tech rider upon request.

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The Assember Dilator is a sonic meltdown of science fiction and perversion focused on the development of x-ray vision and its consequences, obvious and unknown. Through hypnotic aural and visual design 31 Down is confronting issues of medical research, sources of funding and the responsibility of science in the near future. Dealing with themes of transcendence, control and greed, specific notions of human interaction with science and nature are unraveled. This is an intense work featuring a doctor and a nurse's journey, as they become lab rats in their own hallucinogenic medical trial.

STARRING: Caitlin McDonough-Thayer
and Ryan Holsopple

Written by Shannon Sindelar and Ryan Holsopple
Directed by Shannon Sindelar
Sound by Ryan Holsopple
lights by Jon Luton and Ryan Holsopple
Scenic Design by Andreea Mincic
Costumes by TaraFawn Marek
Projections by Mirit Tal
Special Creature Effects by Benjamin Brown
Sound Technician Tim Cramer

This work was created with the support of free103point9, Office Ops and The Bushwick Starr.

Thanks to Paula Court.

press quotes:

"Dusted with sprinklings of subtle humor throughout, this frightening and beautifully awkward commentary on the overmedication of society and the ends justifying the means is absolutely like nothing I've ever seen."

"a surreal, psychosexual journey of ocular exploration plumbing the depths of obsession and the quest for Truth" -Culturebot

"no one will be able to take their blinking, squinting eyes off it...Yet it's the constant jittering and pulsing of Sindelar and Holsopple's breathtaking, original atmospherics that burn "The Assember Dilator" into your memory—by way of spots on your retinas and ringing in your ears." -Backstage

"31 Down's "Submitted to Pfizer for approval," refuses to be simply watched, but aggressively pulls us from our corporeal selves to within its amplified narrative. " -Bushwhack Festival

The Assember Dilator was developed with the facilities and support of Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre’s Digital Performance Institute artist residency program


photo: Sue Kessler