31 Down


Evenings and Weekends...Free
Act I: Empire State Building

Hogar Collection presents Crossed Circuits

Curated by Todd Rosenbaum and Damian Catera

111 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Gallery Hours: 12:00 , 7:00pm Thursday , Monday
Contact: 718.388.5022

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Crossed Circuits

Photography, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Sound and Media Work by: Pasqualina Azzarello, Cecilia Biagini, Tim Dowse, Free 103 Transmission Artists, Mckendree Key, Facundo Newbery, Clifford Owens, Matt Pass, Lee Ranaldo, Todd Rosenbaum and Damian Catera.

This piece was created with the idea of listening, and how our lives are mismatched by the open circuits in which we communicate.
The Idea of crossed circuits in today's world echoes our thoughts as we relate to each other on a daily basis.
In a world of new communication and convenience it is still necessary to speak with someone in person, unfortunately people are consistently unreachable and possibly avoiding human contact. How do we learn to say what we want to say to each other on a voicemail or an answering machine?
Do we really say what we feel when we have an understanding that what we are saying is recorded?

Miscommunication in the age of communication. Drawing inspiration from the the movie 'An Affair to Remember'(1957), which is a remake of 'Love Affair'(1939), 'Evenings and Weekends...Free' finds a lost conversation from a couple who planned to meet on top of tall buildings in order to relate to each other. Unfortunately, life's obstacles seem to always get in the way.
Act One finds Mike Sharpie on top of the Empire State Building listening to his voice mail for an answer to why fate has left him there, stranded.

This piece was created as an ongoing radio theater project where 31 Down will unfold the chapters to an ongoing conversation as it is recorded from the tallest buildings of the world.

Don't miss new interludes of this tragic tryst in the future.

Recorded live on the Empire State Building April 2nd, 2005 at 11:15 PM.

Created by Ryan Holsopple
Thanks to Shannon Sindelar, Ontological-Hysteric Theater Outside/Input Program, Daniel Nelson, Morgan Porcelli, Damian Catera, Atandt/Cingular