That's not how Mahler died...

Ontological Incubator July 2005

The BRICK Theater November 2005

SPARK Festival of Electronic Music and Art
Minneapolois, MN February 2006


31 Down's hypnotic mellow drama.

Starring: Lian Sifuentes as Alma
Ryan Holsopple as Mike Sharpie
Frank Boudreaux as Wally Gropes
and as special appearance by DJ Mendel as Doc Freud

Lighting by Jon Luton
Production Manager Shannon Sindelar
Violin by Tara Novak
Written and designed by Ryan Holsopple
Set and Props by Mirit Tal and Ryan Holsopple

Set in the life of an out of work private investigator and his disintegrating marriage, the energy of Mahler is rekindled as the deathly obsessions of human nature occupy another domestic tragedy.
The last year of Gustav Mahler's life was plagued with heartbreak. Alma Mahler, Gustav's young and restrained wife took a love. Gustav found out about this due to a mis-addressed love letter from Walter Gropius, the future Bauhaus architect who was Alma's lover.

Mahler's music is dominated by the composer's obsession with death. His haunting scores evoke the pain and torment that lurked in the the heart and mind of a troubled being.

In the 1960's America, Mahler's legacy was rekindled as Leonard Bernstein released an entire cycle of recordings. This so called "Mahlermania" spread over the entire country and new Mahler enthusiasts were borne.

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watch the 8mm movie of Coney Island used in the show HERE

This work was developed in the Outside/Input program of the Ontological Hysteric theater and as part of the free103point9 AIRtime Artist Residency Program at the Wave Farm in Green County, New York.