August 2006

Ontological INCUBATOR
St. Mark's Church
New York City


A haunted portrait of evil and isolation; a young Robert Bloch is enlightened by the aging H.P. Lovecraft.

A moody piece of unearthliness set in Arkham, Mass in the 1930's. The simple ticking of a tube-powered metronome conjures horrific visions as insanity takes hold of an aging writer.

Starring Shauna Kelly as Metronoma
Jonathan Valuckas as H.P. Lovecraft
Ryan Holsopple as Robert Bloch

Directed by Ryan Holsopple
Lights by Jon Luton
Video by Mirit Tal and Ariel Efron
Assistant direction and production management by Shannon Sindelar
Cthulhu creature design and construction by Benjamin Brown and Jung-Min(Jadie) Oh
Pod design and construction by Matt Bua and Jesse Berkowetz

This production was made possible through The Ontological-Hysteric Incubator Summer Residency Program

The video was made possible for this production with the help of:

FREE103point9 Transmission Arts
AIRtime Artist Residency Program
at the WAVEFARM in Green County, NY.

And the generous donation of a video projector by Christopher Jaynes and the Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments at the University of Kentucky

For information about the sounds and their sources please visit our Freesound CC attribution list

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