Incubator Arts Project, 2010

Available for touring
tech rider upon request.

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31 Down's RED OVER RED creates a horror theater that is immersive, visceral and contemporary.
The performance follows four people working in and around the airline industry to explore distrust in one another on a personal level, and distrust in the unknown on a primal level.
Featuring recurring crash nightmares, the work graphically dives into our renewed fears of flight.

"nerve-jangling theatrical nightmare...uncomfortably titillating...wonderful performances" - Jason Zinoman, NY Times

STARRING: DJ Mendel, Caitlin McDonough-Thayer, Shauna Kelly
and Ryan Holsopple

Written by Shannon Sindelar and Ryan Holsopple
Directed by Shannon Sindelar
Sound by Ryan Holsopple
Jet Crash sound by Tim Cramer
Live Projections by Ryan Holsopple and Mirit Tal
Scenic Design by Andreea Mincic
Lights by Jon Luton
Costumes by Ramsey Scott

photos by Sue Kessler

"Merging their distinctive techno-sonic approach with the 1970s' airport-disaster film genre, 31 Down creates a moody neo-Expressionist piece that continuously shifts perspectives while referencing camera-mediated narrative." - Paul Menard, Time Out New York

"intricate, immersive, and frightening" - Nathaniel Kressen,

"well-acted and technologically accomplished...DJ Mendel is deliciously creepy " -Andy Horwitz, Culturebot

"...sonic slaws of rich heavy cream bass, treble spice, and sugary buzzing and crashing that can alternately soothe the psyche or send a listener over the edge, screaming from the theater" -Robert Tumas, The L Magazine

A work in progress was presented as part of free103point9's RADIO FESTIVAL NYC 2009 at the Ontological Theater.

This work is being created with the support of free103point9, OfficeOps and the Incubator Arts Project.