The Scream Contest

An audience-participation based performance.

Loud music, flashing lights, screams from hell!!
Sign up to read a short radio theatre scene ending with a blood curdling scream provided by YOU!

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The SCREAM CONTEST is a wild and cathartic installation where audience volunteers play the starring role. 31 Down works with musicians local to the area where the piece is performed.

A handful of audience volunteers read different short radio theatre scenes with sound effects and music underscoring from 31 Down. A large screen separates screamers from the audience, allowing for horrific and hilarious shadow drama. Scenes culminate in participants letting loose blood-curdling screams and rocking out with the band.

Like a side show at a county fair where volunteers can come up and test their strength by pounding a hammer and ringing a bell, the Scream Contest looks for the best set of lungs!

The winner is decided by our SCREAM-o-METER, a device that looks for the highest pitch. The SCREAM-o-METER is displayed so the audience can see who is screaming at the highest frequency.

Images and press from The Scream Contest
BUMBERSHOOT 2009 Performance Space 122 Seattle Edition

"Also in the 'WTF? Hmm... I gotta see this' category on Saturday are The Scream Contest— which is just what it sounds like and features members of TacocaT..."
-Gina Young The Stranger's Bumbershoot Picks: Saturday

photo:Joshua Trujillo/

"Lelah Maupin on drums listens to a scream at the Scream Stage, a performance where audience members are asked to give their best scream for the crowd, during Bumbershoot 2009 on Saturday at the Seattle Center." -Seattle PI

"When the music's over: 5 non-music events to catch at Bumbershoot this weekend

4. Scream your lungs out with Performance Space 122. NYC’s legendary contemporary arts venue, Performance Space 122, is putting on two shows at this year’s Bumbershoot, but more importantly they’ll be roaming the grounds with ‘The Scream Contest’. Ever fancied yourself as the lead in a Hammer Horror movie? Sign up to read a short radio theatre scene, then end it with the best howl your lungs can muster."

"Scream your face off at The Scream Contest...

In addition to all the fabulous bands at Bumbershoot this year, how about exploring the 100s of others things going on?

The first thing that caught my eye on the schedule is The Scream Contest, because it involves screaming your head off, and something called the SCREAM-o-METER. How can that not be tons of fun?

You sign up to read a short radio theater scene that ends with lots of murderous screaming, and then judges consult the aforementioned SCREAM-o-METER to decide who wins! I’m not sure what your prize is, but I know at least a few people who’d love to participate (especially after a spell in the beer garden). I'm considering it my chance to see if I'd make a good Scream Queen - you know, in case Sam Raimi calls me for his next film." - Three Imaginary Girls

and a funny tweet:
# I am trapped in a press center next to a 'screaming contest' booth at #bumbershoot -- this is SO not the way to work on deadline
8:49 PM Sep 6th from web