Supplied by the Public

an open source telephone to radio installation

co-produced by free103point9 Transmission Arts

Available for festivals, protests, gatherings and conferences.

Presented at:

conflux festival 2007

From Regine at we-make-money-not-art!
September 14, 2007

"Here's my pick of the day:
Free103point9/31 Down Radio Theater (Ryan Holsopple, you might remember his Pay Phone Murder Mystery project) presented Supplied by the Public which is currently working as Conflux radio station. The content of the radio station is made of calls from participants of the festival.

The calls (from public phones, cell phones, home phones) to 212-202-xxxx are streamed in real time over the Internet. The stream is also broadcast on a low power FM transmitter to the local area of the event for people to listen to via a wireless radio. The calls are archived and will repeat when no active calls are being broadcast. The project is inspired by Max Neuhaus's telephone/radio work, Public Supply (1966)."

Platform for Urban Investigation, Allard van Hoorn
Becoming Dutch, Van AbbeMuseum 2007
becoming dutch

Megapolis Festival 2009

listen to a Megapolis mashup here >

An Asterisk-based telephone-to-radio system based on the work of Max Neuhaus. During the festival attendees called a 1-800 number to record comments, interviews, performances, or just shout-outs. These recordings are streamed on Internet radio and/or terrestial radio.

This is an open source telephone-to-radio system comprised of Asterisk, Pure Data and Icecast.

Telephones can be linked to a radio broadcast in order to create a
dialogue between social groups during public demonstrations and
events/festivals. The project is based on the concept of the 1966 work
by Max Neuhaus titled, “Public Supply.” Neuhaus’s revolutionary
telephone/radio work was sponsored by WBAI in New York City and has
been recreated in other cities. Sadly, Neuhaus passed away early in

For Asterisk dialplans or Pd patch please contact 31down.