Vacant Properties

performed with free103point9's radio 4x4

Black and White Gallery

February 2007

Buisness card by Jeff Lewonczyk 

31 Down Radio Theater's interactive real estate blender. This was performed with free103point9 transmission art's radio 4x4, along with Ana Friz, Tome Roe, and Todd Merrell.

Five real estate agents mixed sociallly with the audience, giving hot seeded elevator pitches of the current real estate climate.

Mike Sharpie, proprietor of Vacant Properties, would monitor phone calls of prospective investors, and replay their words back over the radio airwaves, allowing for a unique infomercial of the current investment desires of the Williamsburg area.

Presented by free103point9 in conjunction with the exhibition Frequencies, at the Black and White gallery, WIlliamsburg, Brooklyn.
Featuring actors: Stephen Cedars, Hope Cartelli, Jeff Lewonczyk, Sarah Politis, and Trav SD as Rich Irony.

Sample audio:

when you call in:

This is what you heard on the radio: