31 Down



The New Museum of Contemporary Art

Transmissions II: Airborne

April 9 - June 4, 2005

In Wanderlost, 31 Down considers personal privacy issues and the paranoia surrounding new technologies by eavesdropping on live police scans to search for clues in the world of the dispatcher. Employing the central motif of a 1940s style detective radio program featuring the fictional case of missing nightclub singer Helen Tremble, Wanderlost creates a tension between fact and fiction.
31 Down invites you to listen to live police scans and also spy in to a private Detective who is in hot pursuit of Helen Temble as she makes her way to the Brooklyn Bridge. This story is a continuation of 31 Down's Chase The Bitch saga which is inspired by Tchaikovsky's opera Pique Damme in which detective Mike Sharpie plays the role of Herman, an obsessed gambler. The first chapter in this saga was performed as part of Free103point9's Tune(in))) The Kitchen in April of 2004.

Wanderlost was created by Mirit Tal and Ryan Holsopple.
Script and sound design by Ryan Holsopple.
Desk construction by Mike Nixon.

Dispatch: Karen Koontz
13 Adam: Frank Boudreaux
31 Adam: Thom Sibett

Thanks to Michael Pavlak, Michael Luck Schneider, Todd Holoubek, Surround Art, Heidi McElligott and Michael Kerstez.

Props include: Uniden Police Scanner, X10 Home Solutions Motion Detector, Philco Radio, Eico Oscilloscope, Scientific Crystal Radio Headphones.

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