31 Down




An online Transmission Art Exhibition
Presented By Rhizome and
Free103point9 Transmission Arts

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Somnambulator Machine
design by Mirit Tal and Ryan Holsopple

Somnambulator voice by Shauna Kelly
Web design by Mirit Tal
Sound by Ryan Holsopple

All music was created from files found at The FreeSound Project

The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds.

Sounds were originated for this piece by Mike Sharpie, Freed, plagasul, suonho, JimPurbrick, sweet_trip and NoiseCollector.

Here is the Attribution List from the Freesound Project.

Thanks to Benjamin Brown, Shawn Van Every, and Shannon Sindelar.

Special thanks to Galen Joseph-Hunter, Free103point9 Transmission Arts, Lauren Cornell and Rhizome.

Surge includes works by artists 31 Down, Abe Linkoln and Marisa Olson, Angel Nevarez and Alex Rivera, NYSAE (New York Society for Acoustic Ecology), Jim Punk, and Leslie Sharpe. The featured projects employ new media tools to both conceptually and formally address different possibilities for transmission art online. Some consider the nature of signals as they move through the ether; others appropriate forms of wireless transmission, such as the militaryís aerial ëdroneí or the programming language AsCii, to propose new kinds of digital communication. A public presentation in conjunction with the exhibition will take place at Participant, Inc. in New York in March, 2006.

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