"31 Down's stunningly designed Here at Home [is a] pocket-size spectacle with charged and moody stage pictures that stubbornly resist cliché... Shannon Sindelar, the director, maintains a dispassionate mood that suggests something intense and ugly gurgling underneath." - Jason Zinoman, The New York Times

"Here at Home reinvigorates the subject with a powerful design and a cutting script that reveals just enough to keep the audience confused, curious, and laughing uneasily at its weird, DeLillovian eruptions of humor." - Benjamin Sutton, L Magazine

"...this smartly styled multimedia piece feels almost cosmically in sync and relevant." - BackStage

"Mendel and Witherspoon deliver intense, focused, well-crafted performances as two damaged individuals reaching out to each other for some sort of cold comfort." - Andy Horwitz, Culturebot

The Theater at Home: 31 Down by Frank Boudreaux, The Brooklyn Rail

2011 OFF OFF INNOVATORS TO WATCH: "This company has already staged pieces of extraordinary visual and auditory richness (like last year’s Red Over Red)"-Time Out New York

"31 Down has found its niche creating eerie, atmospheric pieces"-Village Voice


"nerve-jangling theatrical nightmare...uncomfortably titillating...wonderful performances" - Jason Zinoman, NY Times

"Merging their distinctive techno-sonic approach with the 1970s' airport-disaster film genre, 31 Down creates a moody neo-Expressionist piece that continuously shifts perspectives while referencing camera-mediated narrative." - Paul Menard, Time Out New York

"intricate, immersive, and frightening" - Nathaniel Kressen, NYTheatre.com

"well-acted and technologically accomplished...DJ Mendel is deliciously creepy " -Andy Horwitz, Culturebot

"...sonic slaws of rich heavy cream bass, treble spice, and sugary buzzing and crashing that can alternately soothe the psyche or send a listener over the edge, screaming from the theater" -Robert Tumas, The L Magazine

The Assember Dilator:

"without question some of the most frightening live theater around" -The L Magazine

"Dusted with sprinklings of subtle humor throughout, this frightening and beautifully awkward commentary on the overmedication of society and the ends justifying the means is absolutely like nothing I've ever seen." -NYtheatre.com

"a surreal, psychosexual journey of ocular exploration plumbing the depths of obsession and the quest for Truth" -Culturebot

"no one will be able to take their blinking, squinting eyes off it...Yet it's the constant jittering and pulsing of Sindelar and Holsopple's breathtaking, original atmospherics that burn "The Assember Dilator" into your memory—by way of spots on your retinas and ringing in your ears." -Backstage

"31 Down's "Submitted to Pfizer for approval," refuses to be simply watched, but aggressively pulls us from our corporeal selves to within its amplified narrative. " -Bushwhack Festival NYtheatre.com

"Best murder mystery by phone" -Village Voice Best of 2007.

"retro-techy audio freakout...a rich, spooky tapestry of radio transmissions, voiceovers (as if we're hearing thoughts) and assorted sonic arcana." -Timeout New York

"31 Down is an amazing and groundbreaking company and their work deserves a broad audience." -Martin Denton

"Consistantly surprising, these two [Ryan Holsopple and Mirit Tal of 31 Down] interactive artists are doing some of the most interesting interrogations of the emergent datasphere happening today." -Douglas Rushkoff

"mind-shattering spiritual enlightenment" -Timeout New York

"...a living, breathing entity that will lure you in, wash over you, entrance you, and, finally, empty you out."-Ross Peabody's NYtheater.com

"... reflects radio in that it too withholds vital information and allows the viewer's imagination to fill in the vast crevasses that remain...the piece is a technical triumph." -NYtheatre.com

"One piece that does have some poetic resonance is an audio work by 31 Down Radio Theater, in which a voice that sounds a little like President Bush's sadly and humbly intones a litany of apologies for things he has done, from running for president to invading Iraq. It is surprisingly moving." -The New York Times

"31 Down played a dense, throbbing piece with film noir dialogue samples while he snapped photographs, ate donuts and used a coffee cup to trigger buzzes and swoops."-The New York Times