Ryan Holsopple

Artistic Director 31 Down / Sound Designer / Programmer / Performer

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Ryan has worked as a performer, designer and creator of performance in New York City since the late nineties.
A graduate of NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (MPS), ryan also has a BFA in acting from East Carolina University.
Nominated for the 2011 Hewes Design Award for sound design of 31 Down's Here At Home, presented by the The Bushwick Starr.
Awarded a Best Of New York 2007 by the Village Voice for Canal Street Station, an interactive telephone murder mystery set in the New York Subway system.
Performed for Richard Foreman's Ontological-Hysteric Theater in two works, Maria Del Bosco (2002) and Panic!(how to be happy)(2003).

read an interview about MAX MSP with Ryan for Cycling '74 notes: MaxMSP, DMX, Performance, Theater
Vimeo Work Sample 2013

31 Down Work Samples on Vimeo

Selected Freelance Interaction, Sound and Video Design

The Great Outdoors, artist Annie Dorsen, Crossing The Line, NYC; Noorderzon Festival, Groningen; Kampnagel Sommerfestival, Hamburg. notes: Stellarium, Max MSP

Vine of the Dead, artist Jim Findlay, Westbeth Arts Center, NYC 2016, The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn 2016. notes: Max, Isadora, sound design, breath/ heartrate Sensor, Xbee, TouchOSC

Yesterday Tomorrow, artist Annie Dorsen, Holland Festival, Amsterdam 2015; Coil Festival, PS122, NYC, 2016. Watch Sample. notes: Python, Max Jitter, Bach.

This Was the End, artist Mallory Catlett, The Chocolate Factory Theater, NY 2015, Bessie Award for Outstanding Visual Design. Watch a sample. notes: Arduino, Isadora, OSC, Ethershield, Pressure Sensors.

Radiohole's Tarzana, from a script by Jason Grote, The Performing Garage, NYC 2016. notes: Performer, TouchOSC, Ableton Live, Arduino

The Angola Project, artist Jeremy Xido, EMPAC, Troy, NY 2013 notes: Isadora, Wii, Pola Heartrate Sensor, Xbee, TouchOSC

A Piece Of Work, director Annie Dorsen, On The Boards, Seattle; De Keuze Festival, Rotterdam 2013 notes: Isadora, Python, OSC

Radiohole's Inflatable Frankenstein, EMPAC/ The Kitchen 2013 notes: MaxMSP TouchOSC, Arduino, LilyPad, DMX, MIDI, beer

Mantra Prercussion- Michael Gordon's Timber, BAM Next Wave Festival 2012 notes: Arduino, DMX

Bill Morrison's Shooting Gallery, BAM Next Wave Festival 2012 notes: MaxMSP, Kinect jit.freenect library, cv.jit library

Tom Fruin's Watertower, DUMBO, Brooklyn 2012-present notes: Arduino, DMX, RTC library

Allard VanHoorn's Skies Over Snaefell, De Appel, Amsterdam 2012 notes: STEIM, Python

Nellie Tinder's Evelyn, The Bushwick Starr 2012 notes: set and light design

Jim Findlay's Botancia, 3LD Art and Technology Center 2013 notes: MaxMSP, Arduino, Xbee

Allard VanHoorn's Urban Songlines 007, Storefront for Art and Architecture 2012 notes: MaxMSP, Ableton Live

I am the Animal, artist Lenore Malen, Wave Hill 2011 notes: Isadora