Ryan Holsopple

Artistic Director 31 Down / Sound Designer / Programmer / Performer

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Ryan has worked as a performer, designer and creator of performance in New York City since the late nineties.
A graduate of NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (MPS), a BFA in acting from East Carolina University.
Nominated for the 2011 Hewes Design Award for sound design of 31 Down's Here At Home, presented by the The Bushwick Starr.
Awarded a Best Of New York 2007 by the Village Voice for Canal Street Station, an interactive telephone murder mystery set in the New York Subway system.
Performed for Richard Foreman's Ontological-Hysteric Theater in two works, Maria Del Bosco (2002) and Panic!(how to be happy)(2003).

read an interview with Ryan for Cycling '74 notes: MaxMSP, DMX, Performance, Theater
Vimeo work sample 2013

31 Down Work Samples on Vimeo

Selected Freelance Interaction Design, Cound and Video Design and Programming

Vine of the Dead, artist Jim Findlay, Westbeth Arts Center, NYC 2016, The IInvisible Dog, Brooklyn 2016. notes: Max, Isadora, sound design, breath/ heartrate Sensor, Xbee, TouchOSC

Yesterday Tomorrow, artist Annie Dorsen, Holland Festival, Amsterdam 2015; Coil Festival, PS122, NYC, 2016. Watch Sample. notes: Python, Max Jitter, Bach.

This Was the End, artist Mallory Catlett, The Chocolate Factory Theater, NY 2015, Bessie Award for Outstanding Visual Design. Watch a sample. notes: Arduino, Isadora, OSC, Ethershield, Pressure Sensors.

Radiohole's Tarzana, from a script by Jason Grote, The Performing Garage, NYC 2016. notes: Performer, TouchOSC, Ableton Live, Arduino

The Angola Project, artist Jeremy Xido, EMPAC, Troy, NY 2013 notes: Isadora, Wii, Pola Heartrate Sensor, Xbee, TouchOSC

A Piece Of Work, director Annie Dorsen, On The Boards, Seattle; De Keuze Festival, Rotterdam 2013 notes: Isadora, Python, OSC

Radiohole's Inflatable Frankenstein, EMPAC/ The Kitchen 2013 notes: MaxMSP TouchOSC, Arduino, LilyPad, DMX, MIDI, beer

Mantra Prercussion- Michael Gordon's Timber, BAM Next Wave Festival 2012 notes: Arduino, DMX

Bill Morrison's Shooting Gallery, BAM Next Wave Festival 2012 notes: MaxMSP, Kinect jit.freenect library, cv.jit library

Tom Fruin's Watertower, DUMBO, Brooklyn 2012-present notes: Arduino, DMX, RTC library

Allard VanHoorn's Skies Over Snaefell, De Appel, Amsterdam 2012 notes: STEIM, Python

Nellie Tinder's Evelyn, The Bushwick Starr 2012 notes: set and light design

Jim Findlay's Botancia, 3LD Art and Technology Center 2013 notes: MaxMSP, Arduino, Xbee

Allard VanHoorn's Urban Songlines 007, Storefront for Art and Architecture 2012 notes: MaxMSP, Ableton Live

I am the Animal, artist Lenore Malen, Wave Hill 2011 notes: Isadora