31 Down's



dataPurge is the first live exploration of PS122s Virtual programming which investigates how we create live performance digitally, interactively and beyond the stage.
dataPurge is a live, virtual cleansing of ones digital life. Clients will undergo data dialysis by monitoring the emotions associated with their online identities using body sensors and brain wave monitors during a live-streamed event. Online viewers can influence client outcomes through an interactive platform a dataPurge version of group therapy. Upon completion, each client leaves with their soul awakened and ready to re-enter the digital world again with a clean slate.

Online viewing and participation from 11am-11am starting January 15th at http://datapurge.me

24 hours durational - See more here

PS122's COIL Festival 2015

January 15th,- 16th
ONLINE!!! and free.