Presented by The Bushwick Starr
and 31 Down

May 2011

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"31 Down's stunningly designed Here at Home [is a] pocket-size spectacle with charged and moody stage pictures that stubbornly resist cliché." - Jason Zinoman, The New York Times

"Here at Home reinvigorates the subject with a powerful design and a cutting script that reveals just enough to keep the audience confused, curious, and laughing uneasily at its weird, DeLillovian eruptions of humor." - Benjamin Sutton, L Magazine

"...this smartly styled multimedia piece feels almost cosmically in sync and relevant." - BackStage

"Mendel and Witherspoon deliver intense, focused, well-crafted performances as two damaged individuals reaching out to each other for some sort of cold comfort." - Andy Horwitz, Culturebot



Hallucinogenic audio visual landscapes fuel playwright Eric Bland's contemplative,
poetic characters in Here At Home, as four hometown friends are entrenched from afar
in a modern-day war.

Starring DJ Mendel, Hollis Witherspoon, Eric Bland and Ryan Holsopple

Directed by Shannon Sindelar
Sound, Video and Show Control by Ryan Holsopple
Text by Eric Bland
Set by Andreea Mincic
Lights by Jon Luton

photos by Hunter Canning