31 Down


Telepethink PRO 3.2
Spring 2006

Watch an excerpt of the introduction video

From 31 Down comes the heralded brain-computer synchronization that is sweeping the nation.
Get ready to take your next step in human evolution.

In today's world we all feel the same; our computer is our best friend. We want our computer to recognize us, to communicate with us; we want it to understand us, rather than we understand it. We humanize it, talk to it and even try to influence it with our minds.

What if we were to tell you that this is possible! Imagine the pleasures that you will have by controlling your surroundings with just your thoughts?

You want to be able to control everything by click of a button, but that clicking becomes tiresome after a while, doesn't it?

It's time for you to see your future, telepathically!

Telepethink PRO 3.2 is the key to upgrading your life to the needs and desires for being "one" with technology.

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Designed and Developped by: Mirit Tal and Ryan Holsopple

"Consistantly surprising, these two [Ryan Holsopple and Mirit Tal of 31 Down] interactive artists are doing some of the most interesting interrogations of the emergent datasphere happening today." Douglas Rushkoff

Special Thanks: Luke DuBois, Tom Igoe, Yonatan Ben Simhon, Benjamin Brown,Toshiaki Ozawa