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Telepethink PRO 3.2
Installation Description

As the core of an interactive experience, the Telepethink PRO system allows you to enter into a futuristic environment in which you control your surroundings using your thoughts rather than your touch. This is the ultimate interaction; designed as a brain-computer system (EEG based) and created to challenge issues concerning mind control and brain-computer interface systems.

To be a witness to the power of the Telepethink system, you can actually take part in the experience to see if Telepethink is right for you. To try the Telepethink system you must first train it to understand you, in order to do this, you are asked to sit in our comfy armchair and attach the Telepethink electrodes to your scalp. Your brainwaves will be seen on a television set and you will be guided through the training process by Mike Sharpie on a video projected in front of you.

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