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Telepethink PRO 3.2
Technical Notes

Telepethink PRO V3.2 is based on a simple, do-it-yourself EEG device designed by ModularEEG, a small group of people who formed an open source project called OpenEEG.

EEG (electroencephalogram) is a non-invasive technique to read brain signals (brainwaves) using electrodes placed on the surface of the skull. Unlike other brain analysis methods such as fMRI, it provides fine temporal resolution processed in real time. It's also portable and relatively inexpensive.

With each passing year, increasing computing power increases the possibilities for EEG applications. Complex wave analysis can be performed in real-time, and artificial intelligence techniques are enhancing the computer's ability to associate a particular person's brain activity with a particular intention.

Electrodes are hidden inside Telepethink's streamlined, ergonomic headset:

Just place the electrodes on your forehead or scalp
and now you're ready to start thinking!

BioEra lite software is used to read the data from your Telepethink Pro session.
BioEra is a visual designer for analyzing bio-signals in real time. It provides an easy environment and tools to create custom processing tasks, using built-in objects such as FFT transformation and Oscilloscope that shows input stream on graphic chart like on oscilloscope.

Certain modes of consciousness can be detected. For example, Alpha waves are associated with state of relaxation, Delta waves appear in non-REM sleep, Beta often indicates a focused brain and Theta usually suggests a more scattered state of mind.

Since an electrical change in the brain can be observed over the motor and/or sensory cortex even when a subject is only imagining a movement or sensation in the specific limb, this feature can well be used for BCI control.

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